HardiCraft as a brand stands for reliable quality, innovative design and durability. With these core values in mind we have been working on a new Eco-Friendly product line in the past few months!

With these products we emphasize on ecological and sustainable materials, from yarn to packaging and filling. All items in this product line consist of materials causing less pollution, don't deplete natural resources and preserve the natural ecology!

The yarn is sourced from our well-known supplier Scheepjes and consists of 100% organic cotton from their Organicon line. Alongside the benefits of organic farming on water quality, land fertility and energy use, this organic cotton is an exceptionally soft fibre that is very delicate to work with.

The stuffing in the Eco-Friendly kits consist of 'Pure shaving wool' and meets the requirements of the “International Wool Secretariat”. For the packaging of these products we have sourced recycled materials, which are fully biodegradable.

Below you can see the first 3 Eco-Friendly Hardicraft crochet kits and for us this is a new path in our preservation of a better environment!